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My Credit Keeper is a credit monitoring service that also helps educate and train consumers on their credit score rating. Credit Keeper offers a consumer tool set that helps monitor and diagnose credit scores and identity theft attacks. As a member of this service, users have access to their triple bureau credit score and the top rated credit monitoring service in the world.

In addition to the online tools, CreditKeeper has a handful of useful financial tools and resources available for subscribers. One of the best features, is their education center where members can learn how to improve their credit. They can use a credit simulator to credit scenarios and they can use a library of templates and forms to dispute reporting errors. The service is available as a monthly subscription. For users that sign up on the Internet, the service is free to try for the first 30 days.

There are many different ways people can keep track of their credit score and report over the Internet and one of them involves using the services of which specialize in credit monitoring.

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There are many people who have been using this service, however, how do you know if it is a smart move for you? We would like to answer that question for you. In order to determine whether credit monitoring is worth the money it’s important to first discuss what people pay in order to use the services. Typically, people can join and get a one month free trial and then they have to pay about $9.95 a month then on. Now, this is where you have to really decide if the service is going to benefit you. As a consumer, you have literally hundreds of companies to choose from, all offering the same fundamental service. Be picky. Pay for a service that is going to get you the most for your money. Lets take a look at what the program has to offer to determine this service will be in our wallets’ best interest.

Monitor Your Credit Securely with CreditKeeper

The main advantage of this program is that users are able to view their credit report from all of the three main credit agencies- which are Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. This is good because each agency matters and if two provide clean reports and one doesn’t that can still have a negative effect. To add to that, people can view these reports on a daily basis, which really helps those who want to stay on top of their credit in every way.

One of the biggest complaints among current customers is that you can update and review your credit report an unlimited amount of time for the first month, after that, it can only be done once a month. Many customers feel that the reason to pay for this service in the first place is to review their report on demand. When receiving a credit score from the any credit monitoring program, know that it is not the same score figure that creditors and major banks are looking into. You are given what people call a FAKO (which basically means fake-o) score. This “FAKO” score is distributed among all reporting agencies because FICO scores pertain to Fair-Issac who has a closely held algorithm to determine your credit score. The FAKO score issued by the program should be used as a guide to give you a ballpark-figure of where your FICO score is.

How To Decide if It Is Right For You

Beyond the essential credit monitoring service and FICO score, the HSBC program doesn’t appear to offer much more than any other credit monitoring services. But, don’t let that first impression fool you. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find a wealth of tools and apps you can use to improve your overall credit rating. For example, they have a nifty interest calculator that goes beyond what can be found free over the internet. When you take advantage of all of their financial tools and resources, you get a full suite of cutting edge tools that can help you stay on track with your credit rating.

You may want to take advantage of the free trial month they have to offer if you want to take a peek at your credit report. If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel. In the early days of the service, past customers complained that trying to cancel the service is a tedious and frustrating ordeal and coined it a “scam‘. You may find a customer service agent selling you the benefits time and time again, and may even offer your a monthly discount to remain a customer. The good news is that now you can cancel at anytime online, on the phone or via email. In the end it is up to you to see if their monitoring program is in your (and wallet’s) best interest.

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